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Why SEO is Important?

Why SEO is Important?Making certain that your website is easy to use for both users and search engine bots is a crucial aspect of SEO. Even though search engines are designed in sophisticated platforms, their perception are not that well-developed compared to humans. Through effective SEO, search engines can easily identify what every website is all about, and how it is relevant to a search query entered by users.

Suppose you posted online a picture of a tree. Humans could easily say that it is “a middle-aged tree - probably an apple tree, and situated in a park.” Meanwhile, even the most sophisticated search engine bot today would find it very difficult to make sense from the photo. So how can you ensure that search engines would understand a picture? The answer is through effective SEO - with proper hints that bots can easily understand. As a matter of fact, providing the right structure to your web content is crucial for SEO.

Knowing and understanding both the capacity and limits of search engine bots will help you in creating a web design that can be absorbed by search spiders. With effective SEO, your website will be very visible to search engines.

Remember, SEO is not just about the technical aspect of maintaining the online presence of your business. This is also about marketing, which is actually one of the most essential concepts to understand about how search engines function. It can be easy to build a visually-appealing but its content will stay hidden to search engine bots unless you use effective SEO.