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What is a KEA?

What is a KEAWe derived our company name from one of the smartest birds in the world - the KEA Bird (Nestor notabilis), which is naturally found in the South Island of New Zealand. We are fascinated by Kea’s natural curiosity and learning ability, that is why we have it enshrined in our name.

One notable character of the Kea bird is that it is always on the move, pecking things and always taking a risk to see interesting items on land such as hiker’s backpack, boots and even cars. Ornithologists believe that this natural behavior of the Kea Bird results to its high learning capacity.

This is what we want for our company. Like the KEA Bird, we want to be dynamic, we want to be always on the move to learn new things and use these things to achieve our main goal - to serve our customers in the highest standards of the industry. While we grow as a business, our customers’ welfare is still our priority. We aim to bring your business to new levels by offering SEO services on time and on budget.

Call us today and let’s talk how KEA Bird Media can elevate the online presence of your business website.