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Our Enterprise SEO Process

Enterprise SEO Process

At KEA Bird Media, we make sure to leverage in every option to provide quality SEO services for our customers. With the right blend of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Services, Content Writing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Web Design, we don’t only design your online presence but also help you in your overall marketing plan. We don’t stick to the traditional assessment-implementation-maintenance strategy. Our SEO process includes integrating the objectives of your organization while taking into consideration challenges and opportunities.

Take a Look on How We Do It:

Step 1 - Explore

Our process starts in exploring smart solutions that works best with your business targets, the current performance metrics, challenges, risks, gaps, as well as opportunities.
Emphasizing the core objectives, we choose the best strategies to collaborate with you in achieving your goals.
By discovering opportunities from market polls, data research, and internal assessment from external resources, we can give you the challenges and risks that your organization need to tackle. We can give you our fair evaluation on your website’s performance, site visibility, customer experience, website design and layout, social media performance, content, and PPC campaigns.

Step 2 - Design

For your online campaigns to yield the results you want, the design phase is very important. On this step, we can help you evaluate the different strategies and tools to blend in SEO in your current marketing strategy.
During this stage, we can recommend you to use the most suitable strategies, narrow down your focus on marketing campaigns, and provide you with projections on possible revenues.

KEA Bird Enterprise SEOStep 3 - Blend

After the design stage, we begin blending in the chosen strategies for your online campaigns. This phase starts with a presentation from your specified Account Manager, and later with the rest of the team. Furthermore, as any campaign calls for cooperation from all internal departments, this step will usually include the comprehensive documentation of the strategies to use as well as the evaluation of the current marketing strategies that we will use for your business. We also have a team of specialists to help you in evaluating your expenses for your online campaigns and help you in maximizing your funds. Once everything is in place, we can start implementing the strategies designed for your campaign.

Step 4 - Report and Monitoring

In order to make certain that you are totally updated of your online investments, we will provide you with detailed regular reports, managed by a particular account manager. Our reports will include page rankings of your specified keywords, information about all the links, comprehensive reports on each existing campaign, recommendations, and SEO check.

Step 5 - Assessment

KEA Bird is a professional SEO Company in Dubai, but we admit that we are still not perfect. We are quite good in what we do, but still there are always room for improvement. With this mindset, we always take a closer look on the results that we provide. With careful assessment, we can pinpoint the strategies that are giving us the desired results from those that are not actually working out. We will also provide you with recommendations about budget allocation, suggestions to enhance user interface, brand value assessments, and other important aspects of your online campaign that requires attention.