What is a KEA

About KEA Bird Media

About KEA Bird Media

KEA Bird Media is a leading SEO agency based in Dubai composed of the smartest and innovative IT specialists.

We derived our name from the KEA Bird, which is the smartest bird in the world. We are a dynamic company driven by one major goal - to achieve results for our clients.

Aside from SEO services, we also offer Search Engine Marketing (SEM), content writing, social media services, web design, and web development. We choose to specialize on these services because we know these aspects of the online world by heart.

With our experience and expertise, we have provided SEO services to small and large enterprises not only in Dubai but also around the world.

As specialists in helping a business have access to easy SEO solutions, we can always deliver affordable services without compromising quality.

Meanwhile, we are also always interested to recruit talented IT professionals, so if you want to join us, please check our jobs page or send your CV to our email.