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SEO for Small Businesses in Dubai, UAE

SEO for Small Businesses

A 2006 study by Forrester reveals that 93% of all online traffic begins with a search engine. Meanwhile, in 2012 an estimated 33 million adults have already accessed the World Wide Web, which is nearly double compared to the 2006 figure. There’s no reason to miss out on that high number of visitors that could potentially converted into profits.

We customize our SEO campaigns to make certain that the right people will visit your local website. We usually do this by optimizing your website so that it can be found through keywords that are specific for your business such as “Travel Agency in New York”, “Moving Company in London”, “DUI Lawyer in New York” or “SEO Company in Dubai”.

SEO Campaign Process

We usually start with basic understanding of your business specifically your objectives and targets. We do several activities according to your budget. We may perform the following before starting with your campaign:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important foundation of most SEO services. Determining the right keywords and placing emphasis on these could make or break your campaign.

SEO for Local BusinessesCompetition Assessment

Knowing and understanding the pluses and minuses of your competitors could help provide invaluable advice for your own campaign.

Website Check

We will perform a detailed check-up of your website to determine any present areas of concerns. We will utilize the information to build a strategy for our SEO services.

On-Site SEO

The findings in the website check will help us identify any errors within the website, which should be fixed immediately. These errors may include issues on image sizes, fonts, web design, user interface, Meta tags, content writing, and many more.

Off-Site SEO

An integral part of any SEO campaign is building different links on external websites that redirect to your own.

Constant Communication

During the whole process, we will make sure to update you with the status of your SEO campaign. This is also important for us to keep track of your budget and assess the success of SEO campaign.